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What about refund after cancellation?

We take anywhere from 7-15 working days to complete your refund request. The refund amount will be credited in the same account as you had made the payment from.

When will I get my refund?

Your refund will happen as per the below mentioned timelines. Please note that the refunds are dependent on external agencies such as banks, payment gateways and external couriers (for cheques).

Debit card/credit card/netbanking 7-10 working days from the refund initiation date
NEFT transfer 7-10 working days from the refund initiation date



I paid cash on delivery, how would I get the refund?

If the mode of payment was cash on delivery (COD),We will refund you through chequie. We will contact you for your bank account details. It normally takes 7-10 days for your cheque  to get delivered at ur address. You may also choose to have the amount refunded in Coupon Cash (C cash) so you can purchase any product from our without any hassles.

Can I ask for NEFT refund if I paid through Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking?

We are sorry, in case you paid via credit card/debit card/netbanking, the amount will be refunded in the same account as you had made payment from.

How will I get a refund for the order I cancelled or product I returned?

For returned products, we will first try to find a replacement for it. If we cannot, we will initiate a refund.

For both cancelled orders and returned products, you will either receive a cheque from us or the refund amount will be credited back into the same account (online banking, credit card, debit card) that you used to make the purchase. You may also opt for Coupon cash if interested. A cheque will be issued to you in case of cash-on-delivery payments.


What are the Terms and Conditions for return/replacement?

Our 7 days return and exchange policy ensures that you have a hassle-free shopping experience with us . Our service  guarantees your purchase and gives you 100% of your money back in case we falter on our commitments.

Following are the terms and conditions for return/replacement.

  • Products must be in their original condition
  • Only unused, unaltered, unsoiled products with their original tags will be accepted
  • Brand packaging should be intact
  • If the product value is less than Rs. 1000, amount will be refunded in Coupon cash which can be used in parts or fully in the next 1 year
  • Brand’s policy shall apply for specific branded product. We source branded products and these products are bound by brand policies of repair, exchange, refunds and cancellations thereby binding the customer with the same
  • Replacements will be made basis availability of that product on the website


I am not satisfied with the quality of product I received. What should I do?

Dont worry! If you are not satisfied with the quality of your product, we request you to report your concern through our Contact Us form within 7 days of receipt of your order. We’ll arrange reverse pickup for the product within 3 working days of receipt of your complaint, check for the product quality and if approved, we’ll initiate refund/replacement of the product as per your request.

What do I do if I receive a faulty/wrong product

If you receive a faulty product, we request you to Contact Us within 2 days of receipt of your order. We’ll arrange reverse pickup for the product within 3 working days of receipt of your complaint and inspect the product. If the product is found to be faulty/defective, we’ll exchange it for you/refund the entire amount, as per your request.

* Electronics refers to products such as computers, tablets, mobiles, appliances and the likes.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order any time before the shipping of your product. Just fill up our Contact Us form with your order details and we will cancel it and initiate your refund.

How long will it take to cancel my order?

We take 1-2 business days to cancel your order and initiate refund if applicable. You will be intimated once cancellation is complete.

What if I choose to have replacement and the product is sold out on website?

Replacements are made basis availability of the product on the website. If the product is not available on the website, we’ll initiate refund after your confirmation

What do I do if product received is different from the description on website

If you receive a product that is different from the description on shopperscorner.in, we request you to report your concern through our Contact Us form within 2 days of receipt of your order. You will then be requested to share images of the product. Once approved, we’ll arrange reverse pickup for the product within 3 working days of receipt of your complaint. You can choose to have refund/replacement of the product.

Is there any item not eligible for return/replacement?

All items which can be resold are always eligible for return. The following items are not eligible for return/replacement:

  • Items that have been worn/washed/soiled
  • Products which were sold as combos/sets, are not eligible for return/replacement as individual items
  • Seal open branded electronic items cannot be returned in case of not being happy with the product as they can’t be resold
  • In case of branded electronic items, brands’ return, repair and replacement policy will apply

Do I need to pay the courier company to send my product back? Will I get the money back?

  • If we arrange the pick up of your product, you don’t need to pay anything.
  • In case we are unable to arrange a reverse pickup for you, we’ll inform you and request you to return the product via any other courier. We will refund the amount the full courier amount in Coupon cash up to Rs. 400


Why was my order cancelled?

Your order may have been cancelled because of any of the following reasons:

  • Non-availability of the product(s)
  • Inaccuracies or errors in pricing information
  • Problems identified by our fraud detection department

We may put additional checks and verifications or seek more information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or a part of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order.